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We are a B2B Lead Generation Agency with over 50+ clients globally. We don’t tie you into long term contracts and also have pay on performance options. Our experienced team are experts in filling up your pipeline with new leads.

Award Winning Agency

Our award-winning team excel in helping businesses boost their sales and expand their customer base. The team consists of highly skilled professionals who have received recognition for their expertise and contributions to the industry. With our innovative strategies and commitment to delivering outstanding results, Leadingo has earned numerous awards. Our dedication and proven track record make us a trusted partner for B2B lead generation.

Omnichannel Approach

Award Winning Agency

We are a B2B Lead Generation Agency with over 50+ clients globally.


With LinkedIn, our goal is to maximize your account’s connection rate by optimizing it. Additionally, we leverage Sales Navigator to refine our account lists and select the most suitable targets on a monthly basis.


To create an effective email campaign we purchase 10 email accounts with similar domain names to protect your main account from the spam folder. These accounts are warmed up over two weeks using our software, allowing us to send 6,000 emails per month without compromising deliverability.

Case studies

140 Recruiting Opportunities in 2 months for a Medical Equipment Recruiting Agency

To generate interest, we utilised the potential earnings that sales representatives could achieve by partnering with this exceptional pharmaceutical manufacturing company, thereby leveraging our client’s offering.

90 Sales Opportunities in 4 months for Digital Behavioural Healthcare Company.

Our objective was to raise awareness about the client’s diverse range of therapies. Through our efforts, we not only gained valuable insights for the client but also successfully generated interest in their therapies.

30 Qualified Leads for a start-up company in the Engineering field.

Upon identifying product-market fit within their core industries during the initial outreach, we boosted the outbound output to capitalize on the opportunity that led to more demos for the client.

Examples of Meeting Ready Leads





How we do it

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

We kick off our partnership with a comprehensive discovery meeting. This allows us to gain in-depth insights into your business, target audience, and objectives. We listen attentively to understand your specific requirements, challenges, and expectations.

Step 2

Technical Setup

Whether it’s Linkedin or Email, we’ll take all the information from the kickoff call to set up the best technical setup that will keep you out of the spam folder and keep your accounts safe.

Step 3

Customised and Personalised Outreach

Based on the information gathered during the discovery meeting, we conduct detailed research on your target audience. This helps us create personalised and compelling outreach that resonates with your potential prospects.

Step 4

Ongoing Optimization

We continuously monitor and analyse the performance of your campaign. Through data-driven insights and feedback, we refine our strategies to enhance outcomes. This iterative process allows us to identify areas of improvement, optimise messaging and targeting, and ensure that your campaign consistently delivers the best possible results.

Step 5

Transparent Collaboration

By tailoring our services to your unique requirements and needs, we empower your campaign to reach its full potential. At Leadingo, we are committed to driving success for your B2B Lead Generation efforts by delivering personalised, effective, and results-oriented solutions.


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