About us

A pioneering Dublin-based growth specialist..

Our dedicated team of 12 experts, spread across the globe, is committed to ensuring your success by tirelessly delivering measurable outcomes. In the fiercely competitive lead generation industry, we continuously strive to stay at the forefront.

Our Values


We have a dog-like loyalty to our clients. We’ll guide you through the entire lead gen process, answer all questions, and deliver results even better than what you’re hoping for.


We do everything to keep clients happy, and we're flexible enough to fit with any organisation. No lead gen request is too unusual for us to meet.


 Successful B2B marketing is all about engagement. The only way to sell to sophisticated business owners is by first engaging them and building a strong foundation for future sales.

Meet our Founders

Aaron Connolly
Co- founder
Dylan Healy
Co- founder
Both Founders Aaron and Dylan, ensure visionary leadership and innovative strategies that keep us ahead in lead generation. Their guidance and expertise allows us to exceed your expectations and deliver high-quality leads for sustainable growth.

The real heroes are...

Our exceptional team comprises outbound sales specialists, strategic marketers, copywriters and data analysts.
Meghan Dodd
Project Manager
The orchestrator of each of our clients campaigns.She understands your unique requirements and develops tailored strategies for seamless execution, effective communication, and timely delivery of your lead generation initiatives.
John Kelly
Business development manager
With exceptional communication skills, John connects us with potential leads, nurture’s relationships, and qualifies prospects for our Project Manager.
Chris James
Project Manager
With his meticulous attention to detail and strong organisational skills, Chris excels at orchestrating successful campaigns for our clients. Chris’s ability to navigate complex projects and coordinate diverse teams makes him a valuable asset, consistently delivering exceptional results for our clients at Leadingo.
Hugo Connors
With a passion for crafting compelling content, Hugo excels at capturing the essence of our clients’ brands and effectively communicating their messages. His exceptional writing skills, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to various industries make him a valuable asset in delivering engaging and persuasive copy.
Chance Richardson
Our exceptional Copywriter. With an innate ability to craft compelling narratives, Chance brings words to life and leaves a lasting impact on your audience. His talent lies in captivating storytelling, engaging prospects, and delivering messages that resonate with your audience.
Calum Jones
Email Specialist
Calum, our email specialist at Leadingo brings expertise and precision to our team. With a deep understanding of email marketing strategies, Calum excels at crafting effective and engaging email campaigns that yield remarkable results. His meticulous attention to detail, knowledge of best practices, and ability to optimize deliverability and open rates make him an invaluable asset to our clients.

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Contact us

Get in touch so we can get started with your project!